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. someone grabbed the umbrella. this is a wart spout that developed over lake michigan. the water spouts are typically this time of the year. in lake michigan it's warmer than the air temperature. you saw the time lapse video. these are basically tornadoes, right? >> well, a water spout over the water tends to be a lot weaker than the structure of the tornado. it really is a funnel. you can see two funnels. that's marquette university in milwaukee as opposed to michigan. that difference in temperature can help create some of that with the lift that knish eated that. that was right about there. as you cross over lake michigan and this cooler air, temperatures in the 50s. you'll notice 32 international falls. there's cold air wrapping around just before the surface. that cloud level is chilly stuff as we are on the warmer side. there's this spin. there's this circulation. tornadoes and water spouts are different features. 10 days ago that was a water spout. this one, this is the circulation we were talking about last week. the well weather match looks so eeriely similar. the tropical feed
in other parts of the country like illinois, indiana and california and ohio and michigan. >>> football fans are going to undergo extra security measures at nfl stadiums that started last week. usa today reports the nfl has new rules requiring fans to be searched from your ankles all the way up. last weekend week one a man snuck a stun gun into a game between the new york jets and dallas cowboys. three men were injured when he fired that weapon in the stands. >>> it was -- a boat show exploded and broke apart. also, what caused members of a football team to throw punches a minute before the game ended. we will have the details of that coming up in a bit. now, though, let's go up to new york for a check of this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: and in today's tech bites, it looks like facebook has another big change coming. the website is expected to launch a platform for sharing streaming media this week. that will allow friend to share the favorite music, tv shows and movies. the service would hike competition for websites that offer similar services. at&t is moving into the fast lane
of minnesota. going to have a slow crawl, drop itself around michigan or midwest ohio, indiana. it is going to park itself there. i want to show you right now, all the moisture and storms filing up from the southeast, this particular pattern developing storms around savannah, georgia and its way up coastal south carolina. all this added moisture pumping into the system. this is going to look like lee did. lee itself came onshore in southeast louisiana. dumped rainfall through the appalachians. this is not the same set up. we are going to take our low pressure and drop it to the south. you can see pumping in all this moisture. southeast winds this part of the world will always prove itself to add moisture off the atlantic. we have rainfall heavy tomorrow afternoon. this area of low pressure as we pump in steady, heavy rainfall. that is the problem here, get that old map out it this. morning fog could be thick, showers midday. quick peak at this forecast. maybe flooding on friday, 74. unfortunately, the threat of showers and storms continue through the bend into early next week. >>> camden tr
, taking our hurricane out to sea. good morning maria. yes we have high pressure streaming in from michigan. a lot of moisture with mid levels and high levels. the clouds will filter back in. what that is going to do in addition to the cool air is make you feel even cooler. definitely a sense of autumn in the air today. while we are dealing with that, also looks like the influence of the system coming up the coast. we'll be clipping some rain in ocean city. rain saturday night into sunday. my fellow runners heading up toward philadelphia for the marathon. temperatures down probably in the urban areas near 50. for us today again sun mixed with more clouds. mostly cloudy, 66 this afternoon. again in the 40s overnight with a mixture of clouds. moonlit, star lit. tomorrow 68, 70 on sunday. should turn nice. we'll get back there during next week. it is 5:22. >> reporter: train 505 is now on a 7-minute delay on the line. let's look at 95 and see how things are moving along on the live traffic camera. light traffic is still building. 95 southbound is also doing fine as we make your way. 895 south
to not consider the unemployed. similar jobs or laws about those jobs are pending in new york and also in michigan. >>> the extreme heat in texas making it really tough for drivers. maybe they are thinking twice before hitting the road. >> up next, how the heat caused a massive sink hole to swallow this suv. >>> also ahead, now developments in the case against accused killer drew petersen. what his attorneys are asking for. we will tell you ahead. but first up to new york for a look at this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, it's happened again. and apple employee reportedly lost an iphone 5 prototype in a bar. apple tried to recover it and couldn't. merger between t mobile and at&t hit a stumbling block. sonny unveiled the tablet dough vice s&p what sets them apart is their design especially the p which features two screens and folds like a clamshell. sam of the "new york times" wonders if it's too radical. >> the only issue might be it gets stuck kind of in between two categories. it is either too small and sort of odd for a tablet, or too big compared to a smart phone. on
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5